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(not all, missing some pictures, btw, some of them move here...)


Comau SMART 3S, I worked with this robot during my master thesis in 1994.

 Kuka 361, met during a post-master period in Belgium, Louvain-la-neuve and Leuven in 1995

During my PhD I spent 6 months at the University of Hawaii, here working with ODIN, it is 1998

Magellan, my first mobile robot at the University of Cassino, it is 2001 and, yes, the quality oft he picture is awful...

Comau SMART H4 holding a 120kg payload. It was 2001 and my camera still need to be changed.

2003, my first small Khepera II at the University of Cassino

The Khepera II becomes 5 (and then 7) in 2004

2006. A Khepera III in the team. They will be 5 in the end

A first Medusa robot developed at IST, Lisbon, worked on during the Co3AUVs project. It is 2010.

2012, two Folaga used at Spezia during the project Co3AUVs.

Fishing quadrotors in Cassino, 2013


2015. Catamaran developed by the group of Genova during a technology transfer for ISME.


2016. Emily, during a visit of Robin Murphy in Genova to show its perfomance.

7DOFs Jaco 2 at the University of Cassino reading a book. Picture taken for the second edition of the handbook. 2016

2017. DexROV system during the integration tests in Marseille



2018, the 2 Kinova Movos just arrived in the lab at Cassino

2019, final review meeting of the AEROARMS project with one of the vehicles developed by USE