Poster session

A special session devoted to the presentation of posters will be organized during the morning coffee break on Friday, September 14, 2018, 10:45-12:20 (see the preliminary program).

Size-dependent structural modeling of nanobeams

Sandro Belz (Germany)

Simone Creo (Italy)

Dominik Engl  (Netherlands)

Delfina Gomez (Spain)

Adrien Lesage (France)

Irina Pettersson (Sweden and Norway)

Ravi Prakash (Chile)

Federica Raimondi (Italy and France)

Each author of an accepted poster will prepare her/his poster in advance on a single paper sheet of A0 format, i.e. approximatively 84 x 120 centimeters. The posters should be written in a clear and pedagogical way and with sufficiently big fonts, in such a way that their titles and subtitles can be read from a distance of around 2 meters. Each author will display her/his poster at the place assigned by the organizers. During the poster session she/he will stand in front of her/his poster to present her/his results to other participants.